Helping horses through education
Education is at the heart of the AAEP Foundation’s mission. The Foundation’s work helps to provide opportunities for learning and discovery through various programs that educate veterinary students, veterinarians and caretakers about important, cutting-edge horse health. 


Below is a brief look at a few of the programs the Foundation supports through education.


Veterinary and Graduate Student Scholarships

With the increase in costs to attend veterinary school, The Foundation continues to expand its scholarship opportunities for veterinary students and graduate research students.  Currently more than 50 scholarships are offered through various programs.   


Veterinary Student Education

To keep the profession growing, the Foundation supports AAEP Student Chapters and veterinary students.  There are a total of 38 AAEP Student Chapters at veterinary colleges and universities including 28 in the United States, five in Canada, three in the West Indies, one in Ireland and one in England.  Support for these chapters and their students includes funding for educational events such as; chapter educational activities, labs, and speakers, travel stipends to educational events, short courses on equine dentistry, farriery and horsemanship and support for student educational programs at various AAEP continuing education meetings.


Owner Education

Horse owner educational activities have been supported in the past by the Foundation and through other equine organizations. 


Veterinary Education

The Foundation helps produce the AAEP Annual Convention’s State-of-the-Art Lecture and supports the AAEP in its educational efforts when needed.

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