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The gift of giving can be done in many ways through the Foundation, and not just through a one-time gift or a memorial gift.  The Foundation offers additional ways to help through the gift of securities, endowment gifts, purchase programs such as its annual calendar, as well the opportunity to help by serving as an “Ambassador” for the Foundation.  Below is a look at some other ways you can help the Foundation. 

  • My MentorClick to Expand

    “Mentor: An experienced and trusted person who gives another person advice and help, especially related to work or school over a period of time.”

    Your mentor has, no doubt, been one of the most influential figures in your life, as well as potentially the lives of many other practitioners, clinicians, researchers, technicians, educators, friends, family members and others. Through philanthropy, to benefit veterinary student scholarships, we reaffirm our commitment to the future of the equine veterinary profession and to that of humanity. 

    The “My Mentor” honor program allows us to celebrate our community by publicly expressing gratitude for the influential figures who shape our lives and careers. In recognition of these individuals and these special relationships, you are invited to recognize those who have paved the way to your success and say thank you.

    When you make a gift through the My Mentor honor program, your mentor will be recognized on the My Mentor Honor Wall, at the AAEP Annual Convention and other locations throughout each year.  Upon request, we will send your mentor, a friend or family member a card letting them know about your generous tribute gift.  We will not share the amount, but simply let them know of your gift to honor this person.

    A minimum of $5,000 in donations must be reached in order to add a mentor’s name to the honor wall, but the gift is not required all at once. You may nominate a mentor and then find others to help honor your mentor.  The goal is raise $1 million in order to endow the My Mentor scholarships.

    Nominate & Donate

    My Mentor Honor Wall
    Monty McInturff


    “No matter whether you are a private practitioner, work at an institution, train or compete with horses, or simply a son or daughter, someone has helped you reach the level of success you have today.  In my case, it was my father, H. D. McInturff.


    I have had many mentors in my walk through veterinary medicine but the one I want to honor has been “My Mentor”.

    H. D. McInturff taught me this simple lesson: Be a good man, work hard, and honor others. There is no substitute for hard work and being honorable as you live.  My prayer is to be at least half the man he was.”

    Monty McInturff, DVM, Tennessee Equine Hospital


  • Security GiftsClick to Expand

    Giving appreciated assets – like stock – that have been held for more than a year may have capital gains tax implications.  The effective date of your gift for tax purposes depends upon how you ‘deliver’ the gift.  Please contact Jodie Bingham for more information at 859-233-0147 or jbingham@aaep.org


    As in any philanthropic situation, the amount of your charitable deduction depends upon the value of the securities at the time the gift is complete.  Always notify the AAEP Foundation Office of an intention to make a gift of stock at (859) 233-0147.  Specific information for the delivering broker to initiate a transfer via DTC includes:


    Official name: AAEP FOUNDATION, INC

    Federal Tax ID # 61-1259683

    DTC Number:  0361

    Account Number:  11294770

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    Endowment Gifts 

    Endowment funds are maintained in perpetuity and, typically, only income from investment of the gift is expended.  Gifts to the Endowment may be unrestricted or designated for a particular purpose.  They are invested with two goals in mind: to provide spendable income for the purpose agreed upon with the donor, and to grow the principal at a rate that exceeds inflation.  The original gift, or principal, is never spent, and any investment return over permitted spending and fees is channeled back into the fund for continued growth. 

    Endowment gifts of $1,000 or more may be designated for: 

    • Education * Community * Disaster Relief
    • Research * Benevolence * Capital Projects
  • Named Endowment GiftsClick to Expand

    Named Endowment Gifts 

    Beginning at the $100,000 level, naming an endowment is a thoughtful tribute and donors are encouraged to name the endowment in honor of a friend, colleague or even themselves or their family. These are an option for endowing scholarships, workshops, ongoing programs or other areas of interest and concern. 

    Please contact Jodie Bingham for more information on endowment opportunities at 859-233-0147 or jbingham@aaep.org.

  • Ambassador ProgramClick to Expand

    Ambassadors help form a strong network of volunteers for the Foundation. By integrating an active core group of ambassadors into Foundation efforts, the organization can move forward into more opportunities for meaningful dialogue with donors or potential donors.  This helps enhance awareness for the Foundation, maximizes funding, increases the size & scope of gifts, and builds significant relationships.


    Is there a role for you as an AAEP Foundation Ambassador? 

    * Would you like to help in our efforts to improve the welfare of the horse?
    * Can you inform others of this Foundation's mission and vision?
    * Can you help identify those who have the capacity to make a major gift to this Foundation?
    * Can you help a prospect who is interested in the Foundation or refer them to the appropriate staff member?
    * Would you like a free Ambassador's Tool Kit?


    Ambassadors may be AAEP members or others committed to the mission of the Foundation. Roles, tasks and opportunities for involvement will be personalized based on the interests and schedule of each participant.  There are no prerequisites or minimum requirements for participation in this outreach effort but we do ask for at least a commitment of one year of service.  Ambassadors will be recognized in Foundation publications, the website and reports. 


    Ambassador Registration Form 


    News from the Ambassador Program 

    Ambassador Update January 2016 

    Ambassador Update November 2015

    Ambassador Update July 2015

    Ambassador Update March 2015

  • Calendar ProgramClick to Expand

    January 2017The 2017 AAEP Horse Sense Calendar is hot off the press...and it looks great! As you know from seeing it and using it in the past, this is an executive-style calendar with beautiful, interesting and exciting photographs from some of the world's best equine photographers.

    Your clients will love the calendar; it is not only attractive but useful as well. The calendar is large enough for your clients to write notes in the daily blocks, and includes anatomical diagrams that they can refer to when they call you with a problem and a chart on the back cover that they can use to keep track of important health dates.

    While horse owners love these calendars, they cannot get one unless you give them one...with your name or clinic/practice name printed boldly on the bottom. The calendar will be a constant reminder every day in 2017 that you care about your clients and their animals and that you are ready to provide your professional services when needed.

    There's no better way to say "thank you" to your clients than by giving them one of these beautiful, economical calendars as a holiday, year-end or New Year's gift. They will appreciate it and you will be supporting the AAEP Foundation and its mission with each gift. 

    Click here to view the entire brochure. Click here to download the order form and place your order today!


  • Headquarters ProgramClick to Expand



    Approximately one year after breaking ground, the AAEP’s new International Headquarters building opened for business in February 2015. The new building offers naming opportunities to donors who want to honor a past or present AAEP member veterinarian; recognize a mentor, friend or family member; or simply celebrate the AAEP and AAEP Foundation and their missions to improve the health and welfare of horses. Find out more.

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