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  • Accepts funding requests that accomplish the foundation’s mission to improve the health and welfare of horses. 
  • Prioritizes requests that impact horses on a national and international scope, or where emergency funding is needed. 
  • The AAEP Foundation will not grant funds for the following:
    • For-profit individuals or groups.
    • Unwanted/Retirement Horse Programs – facilities or programs that care for unwanted or retirement horses. This includes horses that may have been abandoned, abused, or neglected.  
    • Unsolicited Equine Research – Individual equine research projects that it has not solicited directly through a call for pre-proposals. However, the Foundation will consider applications for emergency research and for equine research workshops that assist with the prioritization, education, and/or collaboration of equine research.
  • Application Submission Deadline: April 15 (Except for Disaster Relief grant applications which are accepted year-round based on disaster needs See below regarding disaster preparedness grants).

Application Instructions

Funding Application (Microsoft Word version)

Funding Application (PDF version)

Project Budget Form

Equitarian Support – programs that benefit working equids of the world, particularly those in impoverished areas. Priority is given to programs with the broadest reach or that work toward sustainability within the population visited.
Disaster Preparedness and Relief –
programs that help multiple horses affected by natural disasters including tornadoes, hurricanes, floods, drought, blizzards, wildfires, earthquakes, and health disasters (epidemics), with emphases on emergency aid and disaster preparedness. Note: Disaster Preparedness applications are only accepted once a year with a May 1 deadline.