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My Mentor Honor Program

“Mentor: An experienced and trusted person who gives another person advice and help, especially related to work or school over a period of time.”

Your mentor has, no doubt, been one of the most influential figures in your life, as well as potentially the lives of many other practitioners, clinicians, researchers, technicians, educators, friends, family members and others. Through philanthropy, to benefit veterinary student scholarships, we reaffirm our commitment to the future of the equine veterinary profession and to that of humanity. 

The “My Mentor” honor program allows us to celebrate our community by publicly expressing gratitude for the influential figures who shape our lives and careers. In recognition of these individuals and these special relationships, you are invited to recognize those who have paved the way to your success and say thank you.

When you make a gift through the My Mentor honor program, your mentor will be recognized on the My Mentor Honor Wall, at the AAEP Annual Convention and other locations throughout each year.  Upon request, we will send your mentor, a friend or family member a card letting them know about your generous tribute gift.  We will not share the amount, but simply let them know of your gift to honor this person.

A minimum of $5,000 in donations must be reached in order to add a mentor’s name to the honor wall, but the gift is not required all at once. You may nominate a mentor and then find others to help honor your mentor.  The goal is raise $1 million in order to endow the My Mentor scholarships.

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My Mentor Honor Wall

AAEP Board“No matter whether you are a private practitioner, work at an institution, train or compete with horses, or simply a son or daughter, someone has helped you reach the level of success you have today.  In my case, it was my father, H. D. McInturff.

I have had many mentors in my walk through veterinary medicine but the one I want to honor has been “My Mentor”.

H. D. McInturff taught me this simple lesson: Be a good man, work hard, and honor others. There is no substitute for hard work and being honorable as you live.  My prayer is to be at least half the man he was.”

Monty McInturff, DVM, Tennessee Equine Hospital

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