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Helping horses through research

Research shapes the future of the veterinary profession and thereby the healthcare provided to horses. The Foundation strives to nurture scientific advances in many ways, including through targeted research projects, workshops and collaborations as a way to identify, focus on, promote and share equine research with those who care deeply about the welfare of horses.  Below is a brief look at a few of the programs the Foundation supports through research. 

Laminitis Research

Laminitis remains one of the most frustrating medical mysteries for equine veterinarians. The Foundation is leading the charge against laminitis through an extended series of research studies that with the help of AAEP-member practitioners and horse owners will reveal new information to help more veterinarians with diagnosis, treatment and prevention of laminitis.

Exercise-induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage (EIPH) Research

The Foundation has designated exercise-induced pulmonary hemorrhage (EIPH) research as a fundraising priority. EIPH refers to the presence of blood in the airways of a horse’s lung during exercise. The condition is commonly reported in racehorses but can occur in any horse during strenuous exercise. As part of its strategic focus on EIPH research, the AAEP Foundation will continue to collaborate with researchers and organizations focused on EIPH.

Research Workshops and Symposiums

The Foundation actively supports meetings covering research topics important to the equine community. We are proud to have brought together world leaders in horse health at the following research meetings and to provide results of those meetings. 



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