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Laminitis Research

Laminitis remains one of the most frustrating medical mysteries for equine veterinarians. The Foundation is leading the charge against laminitis through an extended series of research studies (known as The Laminitis Research Project) that with the help of AAEP-member practitioners and horse owners, will reveal new information to help more veterinarians with diagnosis, treatment and prevention of laminitis. Often, equine veterinarians are limited in their ability to mitigate the devastating effects of this complex disease.

The first study, A Case-Control Study of Pasture- and Endocrinopathy-Associated Laminitis in Horses, has been supported by the AAEP Foundation and Prascend® (pergolide mesylate), manufactured by Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc.

This study was designed to use data collected from naturally occurring cases of laminitis. Veterinarians helped further this research by sharing information from eligible laminitic and control horses with our research team. 

On behalf of the AAEP Foundation and the Laminitis Research Working Group, we would like to give a special thanks to all of the veterinarians who are doing their part by contributing. View a map of contributing veterinarians.

The manuscript from this work has been accepted for publication by a peer-reviewed journal.  Results were presented at the 2016 AAEP Annual Convention.  The results will be provided here upon final publishing.

The Foundation is now providing financial support for two promising research projects investigating support-limb laminitis, in which lameness in one limb results in laminitis in the opposite limb.


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